Friday, January 24, 2020

Movin' Along...

Tile delivery -- two pallets.
Tile anyone??

Alex, the tile installer, and Gil discuss the best way to install the new floor.

Next Up...

With the dry wall taking shape, the new den starts to take shape as well.

On the right, a 65" TV will be mounted on the wall. Bring it on!!

And it Continues...

The designers rendering -- looks neat. The cabinet color is different
but the design is the same..
The "dining room", part of the much larger living room is the
new kitchen location -- with an island as well.

Let's Get Going!!

The "old kitchen" will become a den/TV "man cave"!! The work begins.

Demolition and reconstruction of the outside wall.

Here, Jacob is removing the dish washer and old cabinets

The old "small window" will be replaced with three 36"x72" windows
in the outside wall -- overlooking the pool and garden.
The "original" kitchen before appliance upgrade and then relocation.